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Karen Day-Vath is a self taught artist working in oil, acrylic and mixed mediums.


Originally a native New Yorker, Karen relocated to Vermont and lived there for 17 years.  She now  resides in North Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband Peter.

More contemporary than traditional and sometimes a little impressionistic, Karen likes a mix. 


She states, “My work is more expressionism than anything else. I follow my own rules. I like the creativity of experimentation and the freedom of expression that I feel when I paint and as the paint goes on the canvas it begins to come together.

I have no set style, my palette varies in color and I paint what I feel at the time, each painting is unique and a new experience for me. I find different ways to use the brush or knife, I play, I experiment with color and textures, I have fun”.


Having been in the restaurant business in New York City she gained a love of jazz from visiting the various jazz clubs in Greenwich Village. Some of her pieces reflect the music scene and memories of those times.    

In December of 2010 her painting “All that Jazz” along with another of her musical paintings “Let’s Jam” were selected for the “Artist Mug” for Vermont Public Radio’s online membership drive for February 2011. 

In 2012  “All that Jazz” was reproduced (with permission from the artist) on the music room wall at the Henry K. Oliver School in Lawrence Massachusetts. 


 She has done two step by step presentations for a web based painting forum  and has exhibited her work in various venues and shows in Vermont, Canada, New York,Florida and South Carolina.


She  is currently displaying her work at Sunset River Marketplace  Gallery in Calabash, NC. 


Many of her original paintings are in collections throughout the US.





 "If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."

Edward Hopper

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